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Farmers can access operating loans without leveraging real estate and equipment

FORT WORTH, Texas (Oct. 4, 2022) — Ag Resource Management (ARM) has expanded its customized financial solutions to meet the specific needs of more farming operations. Now, more growers may access operating lines at competitive rates without encumbering real estate and equipment equity.

Inflation, high input costs, crop price volatility and higher interest rates can all lead to increased risk and inhibit operations from growing and thriving. However, ARM’s unique financing structure and personalized approach can enable farmers to advance their operations despite the volatile agricultural market.

“ARM has been working with farmers in the crop production lending space for 14 years. We help farmers structure financial solutions that suit their unique situations,” says Mark Branch, co-founder and president of ARM. “These can include a farmer just starting out, growing or streamlining an operation or navigating short-term challenges. We are forward-looking and base our decisions on production capacity and capability rather than hard equity. ARM finances agriculture, differently.”

The ARM difference is twofold:

1. ARM loans utilize the intended crop, crop insurance and government payments as collateral, giving farmers the option to manage risk more effectively and to leverage their equity in land and equipment elsewhere.
2. A farmer’s approval for a loan does not rely on equity in real estate and equipment. Instead, ARM looks at the potential value of the crop.

Once an application is completed, ARM’s efficient process allows for most loan decisions to be made in days instead of weeks. As a result, farmers have fast access to the capital they need to achieve their goals.

“ARM is dedicated to preserving the American farmer’s way of life,” says John Hoffman, CEO of ARM. “Not only do we provide loans to farmers, but we also help them navigate challenges in the market in order to effectively manage risk and hold onto the wealth they have worked so hard for.”

ARM’s loan officers are dedicated partners with deep ag finance expertise. ARM is equipped to help farmers meet financial obligations and build equity utilizing valuable analytics and ARM-specific tools to help keep operations performing and profitable. ARM’s proprietary Synthesis platform and customer portal help farmers make sound financial decisions while enabling efficient, effective financial management.

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