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ARM Real Estate Secured Products

At ARM we serve as a complete farm financial solution to farmers and agribusinesses alike. Whether you’re after a larger piece of farm ground, or wanting to build a livestock facility, the ARM team has you covered. Our products include:

  • Farm & Ranch Loans: Traditional financing for qualified applicants.
  • FSA Guaranteed Loans: USDA approved loans at reasonable terms to finance real estate.
  • Permanent Plantings: Development loans designed to support the cycles of orchards and ranches.
  • Agribusiness Loans: Loans for large agribusiness facilities with multiple entities.
  • Bridge Loans: Non-traditional and short-term options for restructuring or times of hardship.
  • Revolving Lines of Credit: Real estate secured revolving lines of credit.

Higher & Timely Approvals

Speed has always been part of our value proposition. We help get you the financing needed to help achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Fixed Rates Up To 30 Years

Our teams work with a host of financial partners to help get you the best rates, and lock those in so you can rest easy at night.

Customized Loan Packages

Every operation is unique, and so should their financing. We tailor each loan package to fit your terms.

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