More options for your customers,
without more risk.


Ag Resource Management offers an innovative solution to lenders by giving your customers fast access to the operating capital they need to continue farming. Our high-touch crop production lending bridges the crop loan gap without the need for liquidity or equity. ARM uses proprietary technology and data in valuing a growing crop, monitoring that crop, and adjusting collateral values as it approaches maturity. Loans are done at a speed that allows growers to take advantage of pre-pay discounts on inputs, optimize planting schedules, and stay in their fields, where they belong.

Expanding Your Services

Crop financing has become complex and requires close attention to details on crop insurance and budget management. Many lenders don’t have the time or resources to manage short term crop lending and monitoring of a growing crop, but partnering with ARM opens up this valuable service.

Maintaining Good Customers

ARM becomes a capital partner for your customers, working alongside you in keeping their land, equipment, and other loans current and in compliance. ARM builds a budget with the farmer that includes rent payments, mortgage payments, and equipment installment payments.

Mitigating Your Risks

Our high-touch crop production lending model reduces your credit exposure by reducing or eliminating unpredictable commodity risks from your profile. ARM manages the farmers’s budget, monitors the growing crop, makes in-season adjustment when necessary, and keeps the farmer from overspending on unnecessary expenses.

"With ARM you build a solid business plan so you can make it through some of those storms."
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