Lending as Innovative
as Today’s Farms

The ARM Process

Loans are originated locally, based on a host of farm data points and the farmer. ARM delivers a total solution that optimizes the crop mix and crop insurance to achieve maximum projected returns. Crop-based capital at this speed, with this level of accountability, is made possible through our highly-disciplined, innovative process.

Croptech Analysis


A thorough analysis of the farmer and crop plan set the stage.

  • Input validated
  • Cash flow and risk optimized
  • Input exceptions noted and risk is mitigated
  • Risk discounting methodology applied
  • Underwriting objectives are achieved
  • Decision and loan status communicated
  • Documentation requirements managed
Croptech Accountability


ARM stays close throughout the entire growing season.

  • Important input details are verified
  • Priorities are constantly reevaluated
  • Necessary adjustment are processed for approval
  • Collateral is measured and reconciled versus loan underwriting
Croptech Accessibility


Capital and key data points are always a click away.

  • Loan summary information to help guide risk decisions
  • Prompt loan decisions and other notifications
  • Efficient loan disbursement
  • Accessible loan balance and funding availability information
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