Serve your customers with
innovative new credit solutions.


Think about the seed, chemicals, fertilizer, equipment, services, and other inputs you offer your customers today. Growers have access to things you wouldn’t have imagined just a few decades ago. Ag Resource Management now brings the same innovation to finance. ARM’s technology and forward-thinking model puts efficient working capital in the hands of your customers that they didn’t have access to before. Our process and footprint allow us to bring the financing to where your customers need it. By partnering with ARM, it’s your credit solution, but it isn’t your risk.

Expanding Your Services

Most retailers don’t have the resources to carry or manage short term crop lending and monitoring required by farmers today. Partnering with ARM gives your customers a better experience and the operating capital they need.

Empowering Your Customers

With ARM as their capital partner, your customers can purchase products from your store and you can lock in the sale with that farmer. You now have the opportunity to serve that customer with products and services that improves farm performance, with the comfort of knowing that the cost is built into the farmer’s budget and carefully managed by ARM.

Lessening Your Burden

Services like a Master Program Agreement and seasoned, local ARM representatives allow you to offer better financing with no disruption to your business. At no cost to you. ARM controls the budget disbursements, and your crop inputs are covered in the budget. And, you have ARM closely monitoring and valuing the growing crop, along with ensuring that crop insurance documents are accurate.

“We believe in people, not companies. They are local, personal, and professional. The ARM team is one we can trust and they're there every step of the way.”
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