There’s a lot more to your success than a good harvest. How you finance your crop production can also make a big difference. Ag Resource Management (ARM) is an experienced lender with farmer-friendly options. Our proprietary approach to loan underwriting gets more money to more farmers with less waiting and worry.

Our agriculture loans aren’t based on equity. They’re based on your crop, crop insurance and government payments. Why? Because we want to see you succeed this season and for seasons to come.

Personal Service

With ARM, you’ll get personal service and support you can trust from people who understand your operation and share your priorities.

Crop Based

Our crop financing is based on crops, crop insurance and government payments, giving you the operating funds you need without encumbering your land as collateral.


ARM’s approval process can take less than a week once an application is completed.

Operating Lines

We don’t loan on equity. ARM crop financing is based on crops, crop insurance and government payments. Get the operating funds you need without using your land as collateral.

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Crop Insurance

Farmers will always choose a healthy crop over an insurance check, but you want to be prepared. Our crop insurance agency comes with our legacy of trust and partnership.

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Real Estate Loan Services

ARM provides real estate loan services, giving farmers access to options ranging from debt consolidation and cash out to new purchases with terms up to 30 years.

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Equipment Leasing Services

Finding equipment to purchase can be difficult or even impossible at times. Our lease referral program works for both new and used equipment, grain bins and buildings. We ensure you have the equipment your operation needs.

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“We went to ARM and told them what we were doing. They stepped up for us to move forward in our family farm.”
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