Farmers can access operating loans without leveraging real estate and equipment

FORT WORTH, Texas (Oct. 4, 2022) — Ag Resource Management (ARM) has expanded its customized financial solutions to meet the specific needs of more farming operations. Now, more growers may access operating lines at competitive rates without encumbering real estate and equipment equity.

Inflation, high input costs, crop price volatility and higher interest rates can all lead to increased risk and inhibit operations from growing and thriving. However, ARM’s unique financing structure and personalized approach can enable farmers to advance their operations despite the volatile agricultural market.

“ARM has been working with farmers in the crop production lending space for 14 years. We help farmers structure financial solutions that suit their unique situations,” says Mark Branch, co-founder and president of ARM. “These can include a farmer just starting out, growing or streamlining an operation or navigating short-term challenges. We are forward-looking and base our decisions on production capacity and capability rather than hard equity. ARM finances agriculture, differently.”

The ARM difference is twofold:

1. ARM loans utilize the intended crop, crop insurance and government payments as collateral, giving farmers the option to manage risk more effectively and to leverage their equity in land and equipment elsewhere.
2. A farmer’s approval for a loan does not rely on equity in real estate and equipment. Instead, ARM looks at the potential value of the crop.

Once an application is completed, ARM’s efficient process allows for most loan decisions to be made in days instead of weeks. As a result, farmers have fast access to the capital they need to achieve their goals.

“ARM is dedicated to preserving the American farmer’s way of life,” says John Hoffman, CEO of ARM. “Not only do we provide loans to farmers, but we also help them navigate challenges in the market in order to effectively manage risk and hold onto the wealth they have worked so hard for.”

ARM’s loan officers are dedicated partners with deep ag finance expertise. ARM is equipped to help farmers meet financial obligations and build equity utilizing valuable analytics and ARM-specific tools to help keep operations performing and profitable. ARM’s proprietary Synthesis platform and customer portal help farmers make sound financial decisions while enabling efficient, effective financial management.

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About Ag Resource Management (ARM)

Farmers deserve an agricultural lender invested in their success and the future of their operations. That’s ARM. Dedicated exclusively to agricultural lending, ARM offers farmers a range of financial and risk mitigation solutions from operating lines and crop insurance to real estate finance and equipment leasing services. ARM finances agriculture differently by relying on the intended crop as collateral and offering state-of-the-art technology to support a farmer’s financial decisions. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, ARM serves farmers from its storefronts and employees located across the Midwest, Southern and Western United States.

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Fort Worth, TX – March 21, 2022

Input costs are expected to be variable in 2022, and that’s putting it lightly. Some inputs like fertilizer have risen 60% to more than 100% from year-ago levels and are expected to remain high for the next 18-24 months. While seed and chemical costs appear steady to slightly higher.

“When considering a farmer’s operating line, the variability, or perhaps volatility, in cost is the biggest concern we’re seeing,” said Elizabeth Long, Area Manager at Ag Resource Management (ARM). “An operating line renewal is beneficial because ARM can close these lines and make funds available to farmers today, especially with an all-in program. So, I can close an operating line today, and our customer can write a check tomorrow to their input supplier.”

The typical ARM process to complete an operating renewal is three business days from start-to-finish, so the customer has access to their cash much quicker than they would from a traditional lender who must go to a board for approval.  Thus, it’s easier to work with ARM to get cash in-hand quicker and take delivery on fertilizer and chemicals in a timelier manner.

ARM recommends farmers process their annual operating line renewal anytime from December through March because an earlier operating line renewal also offers buying power. The opportunity to purchase inputs early and get them stored or ready to apply is especially critical this year.  Traditional lenders may require details like gross farm income from a tax return which likely won’t be available until mid-March. ARM works differently, making their decisions more heavily weighted on level of crop insurance coverage.

“We are all bracing for interest rates to go up, and we are already seeing traditional lenders raise their real estate interest rates by 75 basis points,” Long explained. “ARM’s interest rate is fixed for the duration of the operating line. The interest rate movement that’s going to happen with traditional banks and with the farm credit system will not affect our customers because the rate is fixed for the year. This is an important point to consider as it’s clear that rates will go up in 2022.”

ARM offers premium hands-on service, and its team is invested in its customer’s business. Traditional lenders renew operating lines, and then you won’t see or hear from them until the following year.

“If something’s happening in your operation, there should be two people you call — the first person should be your crop insurance agent and the second is me,” Long said. “Let me know what’s going on, because there are things that we can do on your operating line to fix or save your operation if it gets to that point. For example, if there’s a hail storm that hits your corn crop, and it’s laying flat in the field in August, that’s a big problem, but we’ll talk and work through it together to find solutions to keep you farming.”

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To meet the custom financial needs of American farmers, Ag Resource Management (ARM) has expanded the financial solutions it offers. ARM now provides new operating loan products with broader risk-based pricing.  Additionally, ARM has new dairy operating loans, crop storage loans, real estate loan services, and equipment loan services.

ARM remains the lender farmers can depend on for the seasonal operating loans and crop insurance services it was built upon. Today ARM has evolved into a company that touches every segment of production agriculture, and is a trusted lender of choice to all farmers. We offer competitive rates and structures to meet the increasing demands our industry expects. We are a trusted partner to farmers in good and bad times.

ARM clients are seeing speed and convenience as two primary benefits. Farmers can go to one source with deep ag expertise to obtain their operating loan, crop insurance and real estate loan. They work efficiently with one ARM loan officer vs. coordinating between a group of different lenders with varying processes and loan requirements.

Ryan Buckles, Area Manager Springfield, IL

“For the past 12 years, we’ve primarily been helping farmers to face tough financial situations. We would take on higher risk loans when other lenders could not,” said Ryan Buckles, Springfield, Illinois ARM Area Manager. “Due to the market change and evolving customer needs and strong customer performance, we are able to deliver new risk-based pricing on operating loans that will enable us to help every farmer enhance their balance sheet.”

Michael Carey, Area Manager
Morris, IL

“Now, ARM can be a competitive and viable option for operations that have stronger balance sheets. This is due to our capital partners evolving with the performance of our loans and the performance of our business,” said Michael Carey, Area Manager at ARM. “We are able to offer new financial services and loans to operations that now have less risk than they had a year or two ago.”

ARM understands the pressure that farmers are under to preserve the family farm. Traditional lenders often take months to finalize lending options for farmers, but ARM meets farmers’ funding needs by eliminating the wait. ARM can outline a farmer’s options the same day they meet with a farmer, with loan approvals typically occurring within days.

“When our farmers succeed, we succeed,” said Buckles. “We can make the process easy for farmers while reducing their stress. Our ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers and create a total lending solution for every farmer and farming operation.”

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Ag Resource Management, LLC (ARM) is proud to announce the appointment of Teddie Hamilton to Area Manager for Dexter, MO. In his new role, he will continue ARM’s strategic growth throughout Southern Missouri, Western Tennessee, and Western Kentucky.

Teddie is no stranger to the ARM family, most recently serving as a Regional Risk Manager for the company.  Hamilton commented, “I’m thankful for all of the support I have had during my three years with ARM, and I’m excited for the future of the Dexter office!” He is a native of Eastern Arkansas where he developed his love for agriculture and serving his community. Hamilton is a graduate of Arkansas State University and the Barret Graduate School of Banking. Prior to joining ARM, he worked in community banking having held several different positions during that time.

Southeast Regional Manager Butch Bassie commented, “Teddie exhibited outstanding leadership and desire to grow while performing in his previous roles as a Loan Officer and most recently a Regional Risk Manager. We are very excited about his promotion and look forward to his success at the Dexter location.”

Over the past year ARM has evolved to become a complete solution for every farmer with crop finance, crop insurance, real estate, equipment, and crop storage services all under one roof. To get your farming operation on the path to growth and success, contact Teddie at (337) 250-4488, by email at, or by visiting


Land In Demand: ARM Launches Agricultural Real Estate Referral Program

Ag Resource Management (ARM) is no stranger to innovation in agricultural lending, so when farmers and other agribusiness operators asked ARM for assistance with real estate loans, ARM responded with a unique ag real estate referral program that is designed to simplify the loan process and help customers secure a higher first-time success rate of approvals.

Ashley Arrington, Real Estate Division Manager, is leading ARM’s agricultural real estate program. In less than a year, she’s built and organized ARM’s real estate program, bringing in more than $60 million in loan approvals to-date. Ashley helps to improve farmers’ real estate loan application experience by leveraging her long experience in  agricultural banking and providing farm financial consulting services to assist farmers in applying for real estate loans.

“ARM’s goal is to create a path with flexible loan options for our customers, so we started with analyzing what percentage of loans were being approved the first time compared to the percentage of loans that had to be presented multiple times before they were approved,” said Arrington. “We designed a unique approach of partnering with multiple leading agricultural real estate lenders with whom we have a clear understanding of their lending approach, so that we can review a customer’s needs and match the financial package with the right real estate lender the first time.”

Rather than a farmer putting together a loan package on their own, often not knowing what’s needed to secure a real estate loan, ARM provides a detailed list of what’s required and reviews the information. Based on the customer’s financials and product needs, ARM places the customer with the best real estate loan partner, thus, increasing the likelihood of approval and eliminating the need to approach bank after bank with the loan package.

“One of our goals is to simplify the process for everyone, so customers collect their financials and provide it to us, and then we perform the preliminary underwriting process and work with the chosen lender until the deal closes,” she said. “The customer – whether it’s a farmer, processor, cotton gin, grain elevator, etc. – can get on with their work while ARM facilitates and manages the entire real estate loan process.”

Farmers can now go to ARM to obtain their operating loan, crop insurance and real estate loan and only work with one ARM loan officer which offers a lot of value especially during the busiest times of the season. ARM’s innovative approach also evens the playing field with farmers and ag businesses in rural areas which have a limited presence of banks by bringing them products more prevalent in areas with a higher concentration of lending options.

“Farmers and agribusinesses can maintain their business and relationship with their local bankers while working with ARM,” she said. “This allows customers to remain diversified and it’s a win-win for the local bank, for the customer and us. ARM is always available to help with refinancing, another real estate loan or answer any questions.”

Some may think that since their community bank or closest farm lender turned them down that their options are limited or nonexistent. Also, some community banks have a cap on how much they can lend per relationship, which can be prohibitive for some ag businesses—but this is where ARM can help.

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Ag Resource Management, LLC (ARM) is proud to welcome Mike Motis to the company as Area Manager for Hastings. In this role, he will continue ARM’s strategic growth throughout the greater Nebraska market.

Mike comes to us with over two decades of experience working in the agriculture industry, most recently as a Vice President and Senior Field Team Lead with Bank of The West. “My mission and goal for 2022 is to grow the business and develop relationships with new contacts within my network that will lay the foundation for expanded success,” says Motis. He continues, “In the near term I will begin leveraging over 20 years of experience covering the Hastings office trade area into future growth and expanded profitability for ARM.”

“He brings with him a wealth of experience from his time at John Deere Financial, and most recently, Bank of the West covering the Nebraska and Kansas territories,” says Jay Landell, Northern Regional Manager for ARM. Landell continues, “He has a good understanding of ag finance and the area our Hastings office covers. We are looking forward to Mike growing our presence in Nebraska.”

Mike enjoys raising cattle and show pigs, competing in BBQ cookoffs, hunting, and gardening in his spare time. He and his wife have four grown children and two granddaughters. They live near Geneva. Reach out to Mike to learn more about how he can help your farming operation reach its goals by calling 402-235-6482 or visit

November 29th, 2021—Sioux Falls, SD


Ag Resource Management, LLC (ARM) is proud to welcome Taylor Gibson to the company as Area Manager for Sioux Falls. In this role, he will continue ARM’s strategic growth throughout the South Dakota market.

Taylor grew up on a farm in Northeast South Dakota and has several years of working experience in the agriculture industry. Most recently, he managed implement sales throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota for CNH Industrial. Taylor earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in finance from South Dakota State University. He lives in the Sioux Falls area with his wife and extended family.

“Taylor comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in the ag space,” says Jay Landell, Northern Regional Manager for ARM. Landell adds, “We are excited to have Taylor on board and look forward to more great things in Sioux Falls!”

Gibson is replacing former Area Manager, Gerald Kruger, who was appointed to a new role as ARM’s Director of Market Channel Development. Kruger will continue nurturing the company’s relations with various channel partners across the United States. Reach out to Taylor to learn more about how he can help your farming operation reach its goals by calling 605-800-1968 or visit



Are you at the Farm Science Review? Look for the ARM team at 527 Land Avenue. Area Managers Larry Davis and Elizabeth Long chatted with Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net to talk harvest, crop insurance, agricultural finance, grain markets and more.


FORT WORTH, TX — Ag Resource Management (ARM), one of the nation’s top providers of agricultural lending and risk management services, announced that it successfully closed on the first securitization of its type in the agriculture industry. The 144A offering of $225 million crop loan backed notes serves as a milestone for ARM and the industry by accessing new sources of financing for ARM’s crop loan product.  Guggenheim Securities, LLC acted as sole structuring advisor and sole bookrunner.

“The past decade has been a challenging one for agriculture. Farmers need crop collateral solutions that work in a manner conducive to their success,” said ARM’s Chief Executive Officer, John Hoffman. He added, “Here at ARM, we are far from the norm. ARM is simply the smart choice for any farmer.”

The master trust securitization allows ARM to match fund its obligation to its farmers’ needs and to enable better execution, which will in turn allow further reach and more competitive capital solutions for the farming community.

“The successful completion of this inaugural asset-backed security transaction represents a significant milestone for Ag Resource Management in opening access to new sources of efficient capital that enables us to better serve the financing needs of farmers and agribusiness,” said ARM Chief Financial Officer and President of Capital Markets Rasool Alizadeh.

“Ag Resource Management’s goal has always been to keep farmers farming. It is a privilege for Guggenheim Securities to bring ARM to the debt capital markets through an innovative asset-backed security that helps ARM connect and partner with farmers across the country while also meeting the needs of the investor community,” said Cory Wishengrad, Head of Fixed Income for Guggenheim Securities.

The Secured Notes and the related note guarantees were offered in a private offering to qualified institutional buyers pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) and to non-U.S. persons in accordance with regulations under the Securities Act. The Exchangeable Notes and the related note guarantees were offered to qualified institutional buyers pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act. The Notes, the related note guarantees and any shares of common stock issuable upon exchange of the Exchangeable Notes have not been, and will not be, registered under the Securities Act or any state securities laws. The Notes, the related note guarantees and any such shares may not be offered or sold in the United States or to, or for the benefit of, U.S. persons absent registration under, or an applicable exemption from, the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the Notes or any other security and shall not constitute an offer, solicitation or sale in any jurisdiction in which, or to any persons to whom, such offering, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.

About Ag Resource Management

Founded in 2009, Ag Resource Management (ARM) is a specialty finance company bringing financial and risk management solutions to farmers and agribusinesses. Our teams are highly specialized in agricultural finance and crop insurance. We combine that with proprietary lending technology and a deep understanding of crop agriculture to build a customized strategy for every farming operation. It started as just one office in the Louisiana Delta, and now, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, ARM’s footprint has expanded to serve customers from 29 field locations in 18 states. They are led by experienced leaders in the agriculture industry who are committed to every operation’s growth and success.

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