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To meet the custom financial needs of American farmers, Ag Resource Management (ARM) has expanded the financial solutions it offers. ARM now provides new operating loan products with broader risk-based pricing.  Additionally, ARM has new dairy operating loans, crop storage loans, real estate loan services, and equipment loan services.

ARM remains the lender farmers can depend on for the seasonal operating loans and crop insurance services it was built upon. Today ARM has evolved into a company that touches every segment of production agriculture, and is a trusted lender of choice to all farmers. We offer competitive rates and structures to meet the increasing demands our industry expects. We are a trusted partner to farmers in good and bad times.

ARM clients are seeing speed and convenience as two primary benefits. Farmers can go to one source with deep ag expertise to obtain their operating loan, crop insurance and real estate loan. They work efficiently with one ARM loan officer vs. coordinating between a group of different lenders with varying processes and loan requirements.

Ryan Buckles, Area Manager Springfield, IL

“For the past 12 years, we’ve primarily been helping farmers to face tough financial situations. We would take on higher risk loans when other lenders could not,” said Ryan Buckles, Springfield, Illinois ARM Area Manager. “Due to the market change and evolving customer needs and strong customer performance, we are able to deliver new risk-based pricing on operating loans that will enable us to help every farmer enhance their balance sheet.”

Michael Carey, Area Manager
Morris, IL

“Now, ARM can be a competitive and viable option for operations that have stronger balance sheets. This is due to our capital partners evolving with the performance of our loans and the performance of our business,” said Michael Carey, Area Manager at ARM. “We are able to offer new financial services and loans to operations that now have less risk than they had a year or two ago.”

ARM understands the pressure that farmers are under to preserve the family farm. Traditional lenders often take months to finalize lending options for farmers, but ARM meets farmers’ funding needs by eliminating the wait. ARM can outline a farmer’s options the same day they meet with a farmer, with loan approvals typically occurring within days.

“When our farmers succeed, we succeed,” said Buckles. “We can make the process easy for farmers while reducing their stress. Our ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers and create a total lending solution for every farmer and farming operation.”

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